Monday, August 25, 2008

Spicy Stuff

I made a Jalapeno Cheese Bread yesterday as well as Chicken Cacciatore. The first was a knock out success and the whole loaf was gone by today (I didn't have any, so you know who really liked it) and the latter needs some tweaking. There was not enough sauce and the sauce wasn't very saucy. Next time, I'll throw in a can of tomato sauce as well as the chopped tomatoes. Because the bread was so well received, I made another loaf today.

Besides that, I have cleaned for 6 hours straight today and am getting ready to hop in the shower...whew, am I beat! But at least the house looks great!
Bobo wasn't bothered at al by the cleaning.


Willow said... are incredibly domestic. I admire that!

I am a great cleaner. I actually like it. When it comes to the food scene....not so much!! HAHA

Bess has been giving me these recipes and I have been slowly trying them. I get very nervous and sweaty...haha!

Thanks for your inspiration!

naphtali said...

I keep going back to this "bread". I'M SERIOUSLY CRAVING IT RIGHT NOW. Think it would fed-ex?