Monday, August 11, 2008

Bone Tired

That is how I felt last night after completing the Soccer Clinic the last three days as well as going to work, getting Naph's and Anthony's gift sent off & going to my boss's picnic, but it is all over and I passed. I only got an 89% and, of course, I wouldn't really be happy with anything less than a 100%, but there is nothing I can do about that now. I am not going to complain too much, but my teacher seemed more concerned with letting us know how much he disliked the parents of the players he refereed than teaching us the rules. Enough said.

So today is MY DAY. I have decided to spend the first part of it reading The Friday Night Knitting Club. I get to accomplish the whole two bird and think about knitting = )

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Jmae said...

Oh I'd forgotten about that book! Give us a review when you finish? I've got to put that on my list! Enjoy your 'me time'-sounds like you need it!