Friday, August 15, 2008

Lacy Gift

Finally, the gift arrived... I am able to post about my sister and her husband's gift. I made them a set of brown pillow cases with a hand knitted lace inset from the book Weekend Knitting. They are king size as who doesn't just love big pillows? This was my first time knitting lace and the hand sewing it onto the pillow cases was intimidating at first, but not that bad after I got started.
This is the leaf pattern in the book. So first you knit to the proper length, then T-pin it out and starch and iron.

Next, launder your fabric, and if using purchased cases, cut about an inch above the hem and sew hems on each side using a basic stitch. Then hand sew your pieces together. The lace will shrink a bit when laundered, however it will return to it's shape if ironed flat. Viola!


Willow said...

What a nice and thoughtful gift!

naphtali said...

I can't handle HOW GORGEOUS this is! The knit is so delicate and beautiful. THANK YOU. I can't wait to post it - all settled in it's spot.