Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's a pity

Wish I knew more people into sewing. I love these little wrist pincushions and they would be a snap to make!


naphtali said...

I'm NOT just saying this :: Little pin cushions are delightful! {I think we are going to make excellent old people}. Yeah for being so much alike.

Jmae said...

I LOVE sewing! hint hint! lol
Super sweet-I for some reason have never thought to alter from my old one-my mothers stwarberry. Ya know-the corny old style? Yours is much more cute!

naphtali said...

Hmm. this style IS cute, but i personally LOVE-LOVE the "old strawberry"...I have one, and love the reminscent feeling of a different era. hmm. I think you rock sissy. Really - I just adore you.