Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

There is an IKEA opening in Charlotte, and I just ordered the 2009 IKEA Catalog...I LOVE CATALOGS! They provide hours of colorful and sometimes thoughtful entertainment. Really good ones I can read over and over again. I actually made space in my car to take my 2008 IKEA Catalog with me across country above many other items which were probably much more practical. I have had an obsession with the printed word since I can remember and catalogs are my dummed down version of it extra light reading. I wish I could convince myself how better it is for the environment to read books online but there is nothing like the feel of bound paper in my hands.YEAH IKEA! We have lived in our house almost a whole year and have practically no furniture...we have a bed, a hand me down couch (very large), a TV, a very old wobbly table and 2 chairs. We decided not to buy things unless they were what we really wanted and were going to last, so all has been free (except the bed). We haven't had a lot of money, so thus the empty house. IKEA will change all of this..yippee! I love color and am getting inspired just thinking about it!


DrThing said...

You do know that you live very close to the furniture capitol of the world. I read once that over half of the furniture produced in the US is made in western NC. Huge showrooms with big discounts on floor models. Most places you can save 70% on what you would pay at retail stores. There are even a couple of books published on buying furniture in NC. Melissa and I still have empty rooms, and we are planning a trip to High Point to get some good deals.

MikeHollyElise said...

When we lived in Rochester we ordered that living room furniture from NC and saved about 60% off the price.

naphtali said...

we are SO much alike. 1) IKEA. Hello. Wonderful. 2) Print. I LOVE magazines in print. Hey - I'll recycle them {when I don't keep them}. So happy it's coming in near you!!! LOVE YOU SISSY!