Monday, August 18, 2008

First Quilt EVER!

So, I worked my tail off the past two days making a baby quilt for a girl at work's shower on Tuesday. I have never ever made a quilt of any sort, but I just got the urge and wanted to try it. I was totally messy and did a lot of measuring by eye. Also, I did not follow the traditional one decorative side idea and instead put the squares on both sides. I threw together a few ideas of machine quilting and hand tieing. There are A LOT of little mess ups, but it is soft a cuddly, and I think is just fine for my very first quilt done in 2 DAYS!

The squares are nursery rhymes which were intended to be made into a soft book ,but I decided to break the rules. They are on both sides, and I just love it!

Now, I am off to do another new thing...referees my first soccer game. EEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHH! I am terrified!


Kathleen said...

Amber, that is fantastic! I love your idea, and now that you are a pro, I bet a lot of people will be requesting blankets! Good job! Love, Kathleen

naphtali said...

Good job Sis!! That's fantastic. You are so creative. Watch out, cause my mom's right...You're gonna start getting requests!