Monday, August 4, 2008

No (or low) Sugar Jam

I was asked about how to make no-sugar jam from my friend, Willow, so am posting what I have learned so far. First, you can make no-sugar jam, but make sure you are using a naturally sweet fruit like strawberries for the best results or you can use Splenda if you don't mid adding sugar substitutes. Both Ball and Sure-Jell make special pectin which are to be used for no or low sugar recipes, so it is important to get that kind and not regular pectin. I have tried both and thing the Ball brand has a better jell set to it. I have now made no sugar and low sugar and, although I don't have a sweet tooth, I prefer the low sugar. What we used in the low sugar recipe was 3/4 cup of honey instead of granular sugar for a whole batch of jam (about 4 pint jars). This made it just about the perfect amount of sweetness, but you can cut it back as much as you like. I just recently made the honey version and am thinking about switching to make that my standard as it has this amazing consistency and honey after taste which was delicious.

If anyone is really interested in preserving your fruits and veggies, I have found the Ball Blue Book, the National Center for Home Food Preservation website, and the Canning USA website to be very helpful.

Good Luck!

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Willow said...


Thank you so much for the tip! I actually prefer honey over sugar. I didn't realize you could use honey in jam....yes. I am so excited.

Anyway, I don't know exactly Abe's style...haha....but it would be really low key! Beach maybe?? Abe and my tastes are very different :) But I love him to death!!