Sunday, May 31, 2009

Only one year ago...

Our 1 year anniversary is June 2nd, and this is a pic from our honeymoon. One year down and doing great!


We had decided to not put too much effort into a garden this year because baby will be such a time consuming priority, but as soon as Spring sprung, we both got the planting bug. We ended up with potatoes, green onions, a loose leaf lettuce mixture, runner beans, 2 different types of squash, red bell pepper, hot pepper, 5 different types of tomatoes, blueberries and eggplant. So much for not planting much!

Although we had a cold snap and massive amounts of rain, things seem to be coming up nicely. The pics are from about a week ago. Hope you are enjoying your Spring.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yep, still waiting for the little bundle of joy to "arrive".

Friday, May 22, 2009

Lucky me

So the cooking gods have been smiling on me recently and my creations have been turning out very well. I made another batch of muffins today; this time chocolate chocolate chip for my sweet tooth sweetie. I also made some delicious homemade french bread and some amazing tamale pie tonight for dinner. I am not sure what to try next. Any suggestions? Something maybe to enjoy the seasonal veggies?

In other news, my cat has become the uber hunter. He has twice now captured rabbits and brought them home to us. The first was long gone by the time we found it, but today he brought one like a little baby and it was perfectly untouched. We released it outside as I wasn't in the mood for any rabbit stew tonight.

Baby's due date is Sunday but according to the midwife, it looks like it will be another week and a half before he actually gets here. I am officially off work now, which has helped quite a bit. I have been pretty much taking it easy as I have a hard time when I am on my feet too much, but I have been getting a lot of reading done. I am almost through with The Womanly Art of Breast Feeding. I also have Robin Hobb's latest, Renegade Magic, but it is for after the birth...if I can wait that long.

In gardening news, my runner peas are popping their little heads out of the ground nicely. They are just so cute!

OK, well I don't have much else to say. Have a great weekend!

Monday, May 18, 2009

More Muffins

This time I substituted the apple sauce I made last fall for milk and used some chopped walnuts and pumpkin pie spice. Delicious!
Tuesday will be my last day working before maternity leave and I am really looking forward to it. The pressure and abdominal pain has become pretty distracting and makes it very difficult to get around. This baby has got to be coming soon!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How is this possibly fitting inside me???

Well, I'll tell you...not too terribly comfortably; that is for sure.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Well, I am not officially a mother yet, so instead I treated my mom. It was the first full day of sunshine in weeks, and I took advantage of it to plant my pole beans, a few tomato plants and some lettuce. This year is a very light garden due to the attention that the new baby will demand.

I also modified my new shower head to remove that ridiculous flow inhibitor so we could actually get clean in our shower.

I made some maple, cinnamon raisin muffins that came out fantastic! My hubby really enjoyed them even after being quite skeptical of raisins in muffins. He said they were the best I have made so far. I have never been very good at baked goods, having difficulty getting things to rise and bake evenly, but I am starting to figure out the right mixture and temperature for my high altitude now. Thank goodness for persistence. I even came up with the muffin recipe all on my own!

Finally, I ended the day with an arugula salad, home made garlic bread and lasagna with home made sauce. It was perfect! I just love when that happens = )