Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sour Grapes Strikes Again

Does anyone remember the villain sour grapes from Strawberry Shortcake? Well after I got home at midnight tonight I made a batch of grape jelly and I am hoping it won't be sour. I went with the no sugar kind of pectin but added 3/4 cup honey as it was great with the blackberries. I also added 1 cup of apple cider because I had it and I like experimenting. We shall see. It is setting right now and once again I have been lucky enough to already have all of my jars "pop" within a few minutes of removing them from the canner. I guess I must be doing something right!
The whole process from crushing the grapes
to straining them through the cheesecloth
to processing and canning
took just under an hour and a half.
All of our grapes had gone to the birds as I waited too long to pick them thinking they would get sweeter if I waited, but our neighbor had too many concord grapes to eat...lucky us!
Time for Bed! Sweet dreams.

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Kathleen said...

Oh Amber, you are amazing! Making jam at midnight and then writing on your blog! Incredible! I bet the jam will be great!