Thursday, September 4, 2008

"Would you call me Cordelia?"

Is there anything as heart warming as knitting with kitty and doggy curled up together and watching Anne of Green Gables? The feeling that I get from Anne of Green Gables is exactly what I hope to create at our home...warmth, comfort, love, innocence and beauty. I hope you feel as content to be alive as I do today.


Willow said...

Well...This has to be one of my favorite movies of all time! When my sis and I were younger, we watched this and rewatched and rewatched...and decided that we wanted to be just like Anne (with an "e" It didn't work out too well...but hey, we tried!

On another note, I was feeling down about ten years ago or so, and your dad came up to me and was talking to me and said..."you know Willow, every breath that you take, is a very fine day!" I've never forgotten that!!

Jmae said...

I grew up being called Anne, with and 'E'. I LOVE this movie-and I think I too must set some time aside to revisit it with my knitting needles and some tea.
Have you dyed your own yarn much? I just did up a few skeins for a 'magic yarn ball swap'!

naphtali said...

only my most FAVORITE film. she TOTALLY is you. {that's what i've ALWAYS thought...} How I want to be her/you.