Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I did not wake up this morning intending to bake a delicious looking chocolate cookie bar concoction, however the incessant drizzle squashed my plans of going to work out on the property until just now as the sun is coming up. So, I thought to my little self...self, what can you surprise your hubby with when he comes home from work to make him smile? That answer is ALWAYS the same...cookies! Well, I have only 2 cookie sheets and hate balling up the individual cookies as I always make them too big and the edges get scorched or some similar catastrophe. Solution...chocolate chip cookie bars! I substituted Crisco & water for butter as I did not have enough on hand, but I think that should be fine. I have to leave for work about 2 hours before Joe will get home, so this way he will know I was thinking about him. While baking this super easy treat, I was listening to my favorite playlist on project playlist. If you have not heard of this fantastic site...check it out! Now to spend my last hour doing a bit of real work!


Willow said...

That looks scrumdid......

Is that a real word? If not, I still love it!

Good idea with the bars because the cookie edges tend to get burned. I always UNDER COOK my cookies because they tend to continue baking outside of the oven (a trick from my mom :)

christi said...

hey there...I found your blog in a search and like checking it from time to time. I too live in NC...the Raleigh area. I'm about to get married and move somewhere in rual TN and build a house and life...kind of like you. I just thought I would leave a comment, so you would know who is reading.

naphtali said...

These look delicious sissy! Cookies are a staple for my hubby too. But, I love cookie bars! I'll have to follow in your steps and make a batch sometime.

I love and miss you!!!