Monday, September 15, 2008

Melty & Light

Yeah! Bread success. OK, I know how dumb this is going to sound, but I have not been sifting my flour before making my bread. Why you ask? Because I really don't know how to back and am trying to teach myself. Also, none of the recipes said anything about sifting, so I just figured it didn't need to be done. My bread has been good, but fairly dense. I decided to give sifting a try. I don't have a functioning sifter, so I used my colander and a lot patience and success! This Apple Cider Cinnamon loaf came out much lighter and softer. One thing to note though, I have yet to find a recipe on that site that really had enough flavor for me after the bread was made. I will be probably doubling whatever seasoning I make in the next batch of whatever kind of bread. Here was my breakfast.PS This is my owl mug. My hubby and I were very broke when we got married at the courthouse, and, as it was at the courthouse, we did not receive any wedding gifts. So we bought ourselves a coffee mug at the thrift store down the street so we could remember our happy day. Mine is this owl couple and Joe's has so veggies on it.

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