Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend Stuff

So, today we went and saw Batman, the Dark Night. I had won free movie passes at work and that was what we decided to see. Pretty gosh darn good, but maybe not quite as fantastic as all of the hype. After that (9am showing and it lasted until noon!), we picked up a few items in town so I can make some crab apple hot pepper jelly soon, but first...we did some more blackberry picking today. I am freezing them for when the girls come over next weekend. There will be more ready by then as well. I also took a few photos of some of the flowers we have in bloom. It amazes me how as soon as one fades another pops up that tops it. We have had wood violets, daffodils, purple clover, foxgloves, daisies, yellow and purple iris, rhododendron, day lilies, tiger lilies, and many other wild flowers.

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valerie said...

-hi baby, it's me mom boy oh boy do you ever slow down. you make me look bad, but thats ok i am ha-ha. love mom