Monday, July 21, 2008


My first pie came out fairly tasty if not the best I have ever had. The filling was great but the apples could have broken down a bit more. All in all a success though.

To top it all off...I made my first loaf of yeast bread in my new bread maker. Well, new to me. Joe picked it up for $6 for me down at the ram's rack thrift store and it works perfectly! Thanks, honey! I made some Italian herb bread for the hubby who couldn't stop licking his chops. Whew! I really wanted to start making my own bread and to have some light ones made from yeast but was dreading kneading and waiting hours for the dough to rise. I know we are trying to be as independent of the consumer cycle as possible, but the bread maker is a really great invention. I won't be buying any of those prepackaged mixes as they are a rip off, but there are plenty of great recipes online for bread makers.


naphtali said...

I keep thinking I need a bread machine. It would make life easier! But, people always get them, and then never use them. (not us though!) I do like the art of kneeding though...the process excites me. I've only made one loaf. It was good, but not amazing. I'll have to learn some tricks from you. I have a great GF bread recipe that I'm gonna be trying since the store GF breads aren't so yummy.

Once again...I want to be you.

Jmae said...

I just bought a bread maker at my thrift store too! $6.50! I made my first loaf the other day, whole it was ok. Not great though-I think I'll try the honey one you posted! That sounds better! My mom makes her own butter so I'll have to 'steal' some for the next bread along w my homemade jam. Mmmm it's always better when you've put love into it!