Monday, March 16, 2009


The hubby has been busy painting in the house and I will post pics when he is done; I think he has the daddy nesting instinct in full swing. We bought and mom installed new flush mounted ceiling lights in the living room to replace the existing brass chandelier looking horrors.

Joe installed a magnetic knife holder in the kitchen for my new Paula Dean knives that I absolutely love. Why did I wait so long? I thought good knives had to be really expensive...wrong again, Amber.
Also, I am so looking forward to making my own butter as soon as I can find somewhere that sells real cream. Eventually it will be from our own goat milk; how cool is that?

So, we only had the two possums, thank goodness, so now we are critter free...I think. And the rug is taking longer than I expected, so it will be a project to go back to between other projects. The hardest part is keeping the strands from tangling while you are braiding them. I have also started knitting a darling pink wrap shawl for a friend's granddaughter for Easter. I will post pics when done.

Lastly, we are getting bids for adding a bathtub to one of our bathroom to make kid cleaning a bit more practical in the years to come. Our first contractor is coming today...keep you fingers crossed for CHEAP!

On top of all of that, I am pretty much exhausted all of the time. This baby feels huge, but I am sure I will be even more tired after the baby is here...can't wait and am really nervous all at once.


jmae3 said...

If you know of a local farmer nearby-ask them for cream! Or a dairy...tell them it's for your dog-they aren't allowed to sell to humans-but can for your 'pets' that way they don't get into trouble!

Becca said...

OK, so if that bathtub is the same one you are putting in your bathroom I am INSANELY jealous!! We looked at that bathtub and had it chosen, but given all the other stuff going on, we decided it was best not to have to tear out a wall for a new bathtub when the one we had works just fine. :-( But THAT'S MY TUB I WANTED! I hear what you're saying about the baby feeling huge, I feel the same way.

And, did you get your cool magnetic knife holder from IKEA??? Because I'm pretty sure I may have the same one hanging in my kitchen. :-)

Hope things are well!

Willow said...

It's nice that you have your mom to help you out!!

naphtali said...

Congrats on all of the new installations. Now on to a serious you have your goat yet? OMG - I've ALWAYS wanted a goat, and even have the name picked out. Have you decided yours? I'd let you mine, but my fingers are crossed that we'll one day get one. For now - I have a picture hanging of a little goat. It will have to suffice, in this city. :)

(HI little baby...your auntie loves you.)