Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Catching Up

So, I realized that I never posted a pic of our completed wood burning fireplace insert. Here is the beauty that saves us over a grand each it!

Then, there are some pictures of last weekend I wanted to share. This was one of those days that makes me look forward to having kids and building snowmen and drinking hot cocoa: snowing but only 32 degrees, so definitely enjoyable!

Finally, I thought I would share a snapshot of the afghan I just completed for Joe. He wanted it long enough to cover his face and tootsies, so it is a few rows longer than the typical afghan, but the hubby says it is just what he!

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jmae3 said...

Aw I've always wanted a wood burning stove! How cozy! Great afgan as well-my Grandma made many of these in that pattern-she's gone now and I just love cuddling up in one as I remember her hard efforts in making them!