Friday, March 6, 2009

Dream Cravings

So as all know, I am pregnant and due in May. I have not had too many cravings, but the two strongest that I have had, have been impossible to satisfy. EL Toritos is my favorite place to eat and the farthest east they go is AZ...not too realistic. The other has been the Orange Dream Machine from Jamba Juice...again, closest JJ is in Raleigh, 4 hours away. Well, tonight I got to enjoy the smoothie. The hubby and I purchased a fancy schmancy blender to make baby food and home made fruit and veggie juice. The bonus is that it almost makes great smoothies and we looked up the recipe for the delicious ODM...yummy!


Willow said...

So cute! Your hair is so long and dark!

jmae3 said...

YUM! I so hear you on cravings-I'm not pg-but I still crave Chipotle ALL the time! They have a Co, WA and the rest I think are midwest to east. BOO! I love that you're making your baby food! Ice cube trays are great for portioning btw! Are you just using online recipes or one of the great books out there?

naphtali said...

Oh look at you cutems!!! Your hair has definitely grown. Glad you were able to "fix" your craving. Love you sister!