Monday, January 25, 2010

OK, I am crazy proud...

I actually finished an honest to goodness quilt for Emily yesterday. This the real thing; simple in design yes, but a real life quilt! And it turned out very well. Sure, there are a few areas where my stitches could have been a bit more even and the corners are not perfectly aligned, but it really looks good if I do say so myself. I didn't even use a pattern, just my good old sense of style. Yeah, I'm that good.
I also am about 1 hours worth of work close to finishing my own afghan made of wonderful Lion Brand Homespun.

What is next, you ask? Well, let me tell you...Joe has asked me to make him a cardigan. I am pretty nervous about it as he is a picky person and I have never actually made a garment that has to fit someone, very different than a blanket in which there is no "fit", but I will give it a shot anyway. I will post more on that as I decide what pattern and yarn I will use.


Becca said...

whoo hoo!!

jmae3 said...

Oops-so I've been MIA for too long-HOW is your lady so old already?
This quilt? ADORABLE! Great job mama! It's actually the exact colors of my new sons nursery! Even one of your fabrics is in his bedding! ha
I am currently coventing this quilt! ;)

jmae3 said...

Oh and have you picked a pattern etc for hubs cardigan? Are you on Ravelry? I'd love to follow your knit work!