Monday, February 16, 2009

New Addition

No, not the one who needs mom has adopted a pet from the local humane society. She is an 8 year old, super sweet Pekingese mix with a dramatic under bite and has been named Lucy. She is fitting nicely into our family and it has only been one day. Welcome, Lucy!
Thanks to Jmae for passing along the Baby Wearer website. I have decided to go with the Maya wrap...wish me luck!
Tonight I am badly with third trimester nausea, so am relaxing watching The Duchess and doing much of nothing. I just love a good period piece.
Take care all!


Willow said...

SHE is adorable! I love that face.

Becca said...

ooo I hope your nausea gets better!! Mine was so bad the first trimester and into the beginning of the second! The weeks are winding down so fast! :-) AND as of this weekend we have a toilet!!! Sweet!

I hope your mom's doing well, I gather from your post she ended up moving in. Glad to know it worked out. Keep us updated!