Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trade In

So, awhile ago, I posted about my nook and the overwhelming love I had for it. Fast forward a month and a half and you will find these feelings of love have lost their initial shine. The page turning button broke. This was a known problem but one they had supposedly fixed. Yeah, not so much. Other than that, I really had no complaints and thoroughly enjoyed the nook, but breaking after a month and a half is just  not acceptable. Luckily, even though my return date had passed, the B&N people kindly gave me a full refund without any hassle.

Since, I now have the opportunity to try the competition, I have decided to take the plunge and pre-order the new kindle (WiFi only). I will have a few weeks to try ti out and see if it lives up to the standards of the nooks other great qualities like ease of use and page turning speed and battery life. The ship date is to be Sept 8th or there abouts, so I will give my comparison review shortly thereafter.

I had toyed with the idea of an ipad as a friend has one and I really like it, BUT I am really wanting to be comfortable reading for several hours and the ipad just doesn't have the same grey screen that makes this possible. Plus, I have a computer; do I really need another one? I did some research and if it actually offered a program by which it converted my handwriting to a text document to take notes in meetings, I could see it being worthwhile but it is just not there yet. I'll save the $400 and wait until they get it a bit more functional thank you very much.

Sorry for the boring post to all non-gadget minded folks out there. I'll try to do something a bit more homey next time.

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Becca said...

Love the new blog look!!

love the kindle.

agreed on the ipad.

hope your life is good!