Friday, May 21, 2010


What we have here is a reverse chronological order in case you're wondering. We have Emmy enjoying a delicious bottle before her very first camping trip. It was supposed to be 2 nights but due to a lack of sleep, it ended up being only a one nighter.

We next have some amazingly adorable cupcakes made by Joe himself. Serious skills.

Finally, we have the annually Easter Egg hunt which was, as usual, hurried so that Shadow did not eat all of the hard boiled eggs before we had a chance to find them.

I have been diligently working on Joe's cardigan, my very first, and it is coming along quite nicely although I am having to guess at certain parts of the pattern. Frustrating. Also, Emmy will be having her one yer birthday soon and we are super excited about her present. I will post the details after the big day. Hope you enjoyed the pictorial!

1 comment: vie said...

What great photos!! Emmy is so precious and lovely!! Love and Miss you, Sis. (I posted some pics on my blog of Susie's graduation...)