Thursday, January 22, 2009

2:30 am

So here it is 2:30am and I am wide awake. Not sure if it is the sensation of a baby moving around inside of me or two many thoughts about becoming a mother, but sleeping is becoming more difficult on most nights. Luckily I feel rested enough most of the time.

I am up now watching the Iron Chef Grand Finale reruns on FLN, blogging, crocheting an afghan for Joe and researching motherhood books. Joe has just gone to bed and I am just getting up.

We were "snowed in" for the past 4 days as the powers that be have decided to stop maintaining our supposedly state maintained road. Luckily (?) I was able to work from home the past few days, but I have been stir crazy!

I spent quite a bit of time researching how I want to decorate my currently all white kitchen, and am posting a few of the pics that are inspiration. I found them on

Well, now to watch my favorite Iron Check, Morimoto, fight his last battle against Sakai.

Hoping all of the rest of you are sound asleep!


Willow said...

Thanks very much for the kind words!
I am very happy for you as well. It is very hard for me in the morning. I am so dizzy and nauseated. And foods I used to love, now make me sick to even think about! WEIRD.

It is very early. Almost 7 weeks. But each day, I seem to be getting sicker and sicker. Do you know what you are having?

Great pics of the kitchens. That is exactly my sisters style!!! Have you decorated a room for nursery?

Willow said...

We first have to move out of our apartment before we think about a nursery. It is not even close to being "baby friendly"...It sounds like your nursery will be creative and beautiful!

You are very blessed that you didn't experience sickness. They say that every single woman is different!!! I am eating foods I never ate before.

That is so sweet that you will find out gender at birth! Are you hoping for girl or boy?

Becca said...

Ahh... at 2:30 a.m. you can usually find me wide awake too, and at 4 am, and probably at midnight. I wake up about ever 2 hours or so. When I first started reading your blog I thought those picture were of your house!

They all look precious and I can't wait to see everything when it's completed!!

jmae3 said...

I thought this was your house at first-I was like WOW progress in so little time in the house! It will be great when you do finish though!
Are you planning to cloth diaper? I did w our son and will w future kids-lmk if you want any info or patterns to sew your own etc! Congrats again btw! Jmae